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10 awesome luminaires for industrial applications

Goodlight's new high bay - just one of the great LED fittings available for industrial use
A sturdy replacement for fluorescent

1    Robust linear fitting from Trilux


The Nextrema is a robust linear fitting that’s been specifically designed for LEDs. For one thing, it is totally sealed. You cannot remove the prismed lens nor is there access to a mains terminal block. Instead, it is fitted with a weatherproof connector. It’s really quick to wire up. The body is die-cast aluminium with a gun metal grey paint finish. The rear has deep, heavy heatsink fins and the whole appearance is very robust. It’s a well-engineered alternative to replace fluorescent tube fittings, ideal for industry.




Patented technology keeps this high bay cool

2    Goodlight’s new LED high bay

This is the new GX1 LED high bay from Goodlight, which makes a range of retrofit lamps and luminaires. It offers uniform white light and excellent colour rendering at colour temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. A nano-coated reflector, incorporating a special light-scattering coating, boosts light yields by 10 per cent, giving the fitting an impressive efficacy of 107 lm/W. The product’s performance is supported by a unique heat management system using a copper cooling column and a patented ‘phase-change’ liquid core for fast heat transfer.




Looks good, and strong enough to take a bashing

3    Sleek illuminated bollard from Designplan

This new illuminated bollard, available as of next month, is based on Designplan’s successful Zelos wall and pole-mount luminaire that is already used for lighting paths and residential roads. As such, it can be used at wide spacings and has good glare control with almost zero upward light. As you would expect from Designplan, it is as tough as they come – is is rated at IK16 and resists impacts of 150 joules. What’s really attractive about this bollard is the shape – the die-cast aluminium head has a rounded shape and this sits on a slim, rectangular body. And it doesn’t cost as much as you might think.




A long-lasting LED high bay

4    Kingfisher LED high bay

Kingfisher’s LED high bay gives excellent light output for a variety of industrial and commercial lighting applications, with high performance, efficiency and visual comfort. The LED array includes single-die LEDs, each equipped with its own precision lens, ensuring low glare. The lumen packages available include 10,000 lm (100W), 17,500 lm (175W) and 25,000 lm (250W).






Waterproof, dustproof and controllable

5    Waterproof fitting from Thorn

Thorn’s ForceLED is a tough, waterproof and compact LED luminaire with the option to integrate controls. IP66-rated, ForceLED is dust and moisture proof, making it ideal for tougher applications, including indoor car parks, warehouses, dry and cold storage, production areas and workshops. The product is equipped with a unique prismatic diffuser which optimises the light distribution from the LED light source.




An LED replacement for 2D

6    Super-efficient bulkhead from Whitecroft

Whitecroft’s Kolo is a luminaire of two halves. The injection-moulded plastic body houses the terminal block, branded driver and optional sensors or emergency batteries. Attached to this is the ‘optical chamber’. It consists of a 40mm cast aluminium ring in which the LED circuit board (on aluminium heatsink) and opal polycarbonate diffuser are fixed. In effect, the ring is a single piece that attaches to the body beneath. The lit appearance of the diffuser is about the most uniform we have seen – and it’s highly efficient.






MHA’s BrightStar uses innovative optics

7    MHA fitting harnesses internal reflection

MHA Lighting’s BrightStar 209 uses total internal reflection to transmit and direct the light into the workspace. Powerful chip on-board LED modules illuminate acrylic tubes from each end, hiding the LEDs, reducing glare and creating even light distribution similar to that of an array of T8 tubes. This technology ensures good light quality, optical distribution and efficiency to heights of 20 metres.






A good quality 2D replacement from one of Britain’s biggest manufacturers


8    Uniform light from Dextra’s bulkhead

This is a nice-looking, good quality bulkhead. It is clearly aimed at the specification market and would be ideal for regeneration schemes and new build. The body is finely textured die-cast aluminium with a power coat finish. The slightly domed polycarbonate diffuser fits snugly under the rim. There’s a decent quality gasket between the body and diffuser and the joint is inaccessible from the outside. Removing the hex-head screws reveals a gear tray with a branded driver. The LEDs are mounted in concentric circles so the diffuser is almost totally uniformly lit.






LED high-masts can save you a lot on maintenance

9    Holophane’s new high-mast fitting


Holophane’s High Mast Advanced Optix (HMAO) luminaire has been engineered for new and retrofit high-mast applications. The specially engineered optical modules come with a full range of distribution options. The luminaire consists of six, nine or twelve prismatic glass lenses, each housing a multi-die LED ‘chip on board’ in an individual optical pod. Each pod is housed in a fully ventilated and finned aluminium housing. 





An LED bulkhead that provides uniform light

10    Bulkhead with clever optics

Fern Howard’s P5 is one of a range of luminaires that use Rambus optical technology. The LEDs are arranged around the perimeter of a slim luminaire. It’s only 65 mm deep, much less than the others. The polycarbonate cover lens is crystal clear and when switched off, the luminaire appears to have a plain white sheet behind it. When switched on, the sheet emits a uniform intense glow. There is a solid die-cast aluminium body and the whole unit feels robust.