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Speakers named for tunnel lighting conference

Hans Huijben, Axel Stockmar and John Rands have been named headline speakers

Europe’s top tunnel lighting experts – Professor Axel Stockmar, Hans Huijben and John Rands – have been named as the headline speakers in a special conference on tunnel lighting.

The trio will present to tunnel operators and engineers who are gathering in Barcelona on 8 and 9 October 2015 for the special conference on balancing standards and innovation in road tunnel lighting.

With both lighting and controls technology changing fast in comparison to the design-to-completion period of the average road tunnel project, there is increased onus on the supply chain to share global best practice and ensure innovation and standards work hand in hand in delivering optimal projects.

The conference – organised by Lux in conjunction with the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona authority – will also focus on key topics such as specifications and design for LED retrofits, system compatibility and longevity, central management and monitoring systems, driver visual needs and fatigue and the impact of LED headlight.

Axel Stockmar is the co-author of the CIE 88:2004 ‘Guide for the lighting of road tunnels and underpasses’ and the CEN Report CR 14380:2003 ‘Lighting applications – Tunnel lighting’, and also the chairman of the German DIN working group ‘exterior lighting’ which is responsible for the revision of the current DIN standard on tunnel lighting. He runs the specialist consultancy LCI Light Consult International.

Hans Huijben has spent most of his career in tunnel safety and lighting. While at the Dutch Road Administration he wrote the Dutch Recommendations for tunnel lighting and he has participated in the the CEN and CIE deliberations on tunnel lighting. He’s the tunnel safety officer for the TERN tunnels in Vlaanderen, Belgium, part of the Tunnel Safety Consults group, which has advised on 50 tunnel projects worldwide.

John Rands is a UK representative on the CEN and CIE tunnel lighting committees and a member of the BSI tunnel lighting standards group. He is currently a project manager at UK-based Designs for Lighting, an independent consultancy primarily to the road and tunnel lighting sector. With a background as an industrial electrical engineer, John has been involved in the lighting design and specification of road tunnel lighting projects in the UK and numerous other European countries.

The event will explore both technologies and applications. It will also look in depth at some key recent projects from around the world including the 55 tunnels on the Durango-Mazatlan Highway in Mexico and the radical, dynamic lighting at the Hondsrug Tunnel in the Netherlands.


Entry to the  Road Tunnel Lighting conference is free for tunnel operators and consulting engineers. It takes place in Barcelona on 8 and 9 October 2015 See the full programme and register for a free place at