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Designer lighting makes London garden glow

The clients wanted a design that was suitable for everyday family life and events such as drinks parties.

A garden in Richmond, London, has been transformed with a lighting design that is set to wow visitors.

Having previously spent £30,000 on the back garden lighting where the result was less than satisfactory the clients were keen to ensure they got enough light and a warm colour. 

The first phase of this project was the front garden where the brief was to create a living space outside which was suitable for everyday family life and events such as drinks parties. They wanted to highlight the key features and really make the outside space feel part of the inside.

‘Following the success of the front garden, we were asked to add to the existing back garden lighting scheme,’ says associate designer Luke Thomas of John Cullen Lighting. ‘In the front garden we used Hamptons to wash light across the floor, LED Siena Externals to uplight box hedging and Torinos to highlight the trunks of the slim trees and to frame the porch.  Energy efficient Moonliters were strapped discreetly at high level to the larger trees to bathe the whole area in an evening silvery glow.

‘Decorative lanterns sat on the gate posts and either side of the front door for a soft general light and to welcome guests with a combination of Hamptons and Richmonds lighting up the planting along the driveway. The lighting for this area was key as the kitchen/living extension is built out into the garden in glass so the lighting would be essential to extend the feeling of space and ensure a magical outlook.  We brought lots of samples to site test the different effects against what was already installed, but in the end we replaced and redesigned almost everything. 

‘We used LED Kensingtons to front light the tall Cyprus, olive and pleached trees whilst LED Richmonds were set behind them to create further depth in the space.  Wall Spot Lights skim light down the brick wall and highlight the BBQ area in the back garden whilst in the front they were used to uplight the facade of the gym and house.’