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Sweet savings with LEDs at Cadbury World

The chocolate-themed attraction has gone all-LED

The Cadbury World Experience in Bournville, Birmingham, is a temple to chocolate that’s been wowing chocoholics since 1990. However, as the visitor attraction is open seven days a week, 11 months of the year, with only a short period of closure in January, maintenance of the fluorescent lighting has been a key issue for the facilities management team.

Hence a major lighting refurb, which saw the fluorescent all swopped out for LED. The 22 original 4x18W modular fluorescent fittings in the kitchen of the Cadbury’s Café were replaced with 22 36W Lumi LED Panel Lights from Kosnic and in the retail secion, the 54 x 2x26W PL lighting fixtures were replaced with 54 x 3W 8” Lumi LED downlights, also from Kosnic.  Finally, in the attraction itself, the 150 x 50W GU10 halogens used to light the waiting area for the popular Cadabra ride were replaced with new track lighting and 150 x 4.5W LED GU10s. The downlights have an 80 degree beam angle and high colour rendering.

Tim Gimbert, operations manager at Cadbury World, told Lux: ‘As well as being every bit as good as the more traditional light sources, the LED lighting is delivering in terms of cost and environmental benefits as well.’

Jon Blackwell, sales director at CEL Electrical, worked alongside Tim Gimbert and his team to source the best LED solution for the attraction.