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Abu Dhabi is saving nearly $1m a year thanks to low-energy lighting

All these streetlights will soon be LED, and the city authority is asking potential suppliers to get in touch

A sustainable lighting strategy in Abu Dhabi, including the introduction of LED streetlighting, is saving the emirate AED 3,286,229 ($895,000) a year.

The city is taking dramatic steps to try and cut the cost of its public lighting by 60-75 per cent by 2020 – by reducing energy use by at least 60 per cent, and maintenance costs by 40–80 per cent. It also aims to  reduce light pollution by 60 per cent.

It plans to switch all of its 35,000 streetlights to LED.

Since the sustainable lighting plan was first devised in 2011 by Abu Dhabi’s lighting expert Martin Valentine, the municipality has carried out a number of lighting upgrades, including LED lighting on Sheikh Zayed Street, which cut energy use by 85 per cent, a trial of LED streetlighting in the city’s East Sector 48, new lighting in the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel, which cut energy use by 86 per cent, new decorative lighting on Sheikh Zayed Bridge, and new lighting underneath a number of the city’s bridges, including Al Jawazat Bridge, Al Saada Bridge and Al Muroor Bridge.

The city has also produced a handbook for public realm and streetlighting , which is being made available free for the benefit of local lighting professionals.