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India to switch all streetlights to LED in two years

Changing streetlights in Udaipur - the ambitious plan will see all streetlights replaced, or lamps swopped for LED sources

The government of India has announced that it is to replace all its streetlights with LED sources in next 24 months.

The transformation will be achieved by a mixture of lamp replacement and the installation of new LED fixtures. The move is part of a plan to reduce energy demand and take pressure of the country’s ailing power system.

Additionally, the government’s Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme  is attempting to replace all domestic bulbs with LED.  . Addressing a renewable energy conference in Bengaluru, energy minister Piyush Goyal said that Karnataka should join hands with the central government in its energy efficiency programmes.

He cited the state’s Solar Roof Top programme as an example to other states. The central government expects Karnataka to be in top five in the implementation of new and renewable energy programmes. India has the target of producing 1,75,000 MW from renewable energy in next five years. The government also launched a plan to generate 100,000 MW from solar power in the country. The target for wind energy is 75,000 MW.

Picture: Ray Molony/Lux