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Bahrain bans incandescent lamps

Bahrain calls time on inefficient lighting as incandescent lamp ban kicks in

Bahrain introduces regulations on efficacy requirements for non-directional household lamps on 5 September.

The Middle East Lighting Association (MELA) has been working with the Bahrain Standards and Metrology Directorate (BSMD) to implement the new regulations.

Lamps will now need to be pre-approved and registered before they are allowed to be imported. BSMD has been dealing with requests for registration since July and is currently working with Customs authorities to streamline the process.

Registration cannot be completed without the explicit consent of the manufacturer.

Countries in the Middle East have been slow to phase out traditional lighting as energy costs are relatively low. But a new energy efficiency drive, and the rise of LED light sources, has seen tough measures introduced across the region.

An incandescent lamp ban in the UAE came into force on 1 January 2015. Saudi Arabia is also looking at new lighting restrictions as part of its national energy efficiency programme.

The UAE’s ban on incandescent lamps is expected to save the country $183 million a year on energy.

Picture: Wajahat Mahmood