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4 lighting projects with perfect colour

3S Lighting and Xicato share four standout projects where the best LED technology helped get those colours just right.

At 3S Lighting we pride ourselves on providing great quality lighting from efficient, long-life systems. To achieve this we align ourselves with the most innovative and quality-minded partners for LED modules and accessories.

The heart of any luminaire is its light source, and for this we have worked closely with Xicato almost since the formation of the company. Xicato takes a no-compromise approach to light quality. Colour-rendering indexes (CRIs) are on a par with halogen, backed up by the most meaningful long-life warranty available, guaranteeing colour point stability, lumen maintenance and zero failures in five years.

We have integrated Xicato’s new XTM modules, with efficacies of over 100lm/W, and we are currently exploring possibilities with the XIM intelligent modules. The smooth, deep and flicker –free dimming of the XIM modules has caught the attention of the lighting designers we work with.

Here are four projects where 3S has provided optimum quality lighting for work and play, indoor and out – using Xicato light modules.


1    Craigieburn Central shopping mall, Melbourne

3S columns with Xicato modules create atmosphere at Craigieburn Central
Custom pendants add a splash of colour

Craigieburn Central is a greenfield retail development in the Melbourne area of Australia which was completed in late 2013. It is co-owned by APPF Retail and Lend Lease Shopping Centre Development and comprises 60,000m2 of retail floor space.

The lighting design, carried out by Lend Lease and 3S Lighting, features columns outside and various custom pendants inside, all with Xicato light modules.





2   University of Technology, Sydney

Outdoor lighting brings character to the University of Sydney’s Alumni Green
Lighting creates a space where students can relax  /  Photos: Simon Wood Photography

Aspect Studios Landscape Design won a design competition held by the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, to revitalise the Alumni Green. The refreshed green has three distinct zones:

  • ‘The Green’ is a large turfed area with peripheral seating
  • ‘The Heart’ is a ceremonial gathering space for students and visitors
  • ‘The Garden’ is a peaceful oasis of trees and plants shading a series of connected student ‘pods’

The lighting was designed by Steensen Varming using a 3S Lighting Catenary with Xicato modules. The designers have focused on lighting for people rather than objects to encourage a community of students to feel at ease as they work outdoors on their laptops, play table tennis, eat lunch and socialise.







3    Grosvenor Place, Sydney

Lighting creates a clean, classy look at Grosvenor Place’s ‘end of trip’ area
Xicato LED modules in the 3S fittings bring out colours perfectly / Photos: Dirk Meinecke

Conceived by architects Harry Seidler and Associates, Grosvenor Place is a dynamic complex of shops, company headquarters, restaurants and gyms as well as the famous 1980s tower. It is situated between Sydney Harbour and The Rocks.

Grosvenor Place’s new, upscale ‘end of trip’ and bicycle facilities are for employees who cycle to work or jog in their lunch breaks and need lockers, changing rooms and shower facilities.

The lighting design, by Harry Seidler and Associates, uses Xicato modules from 3S downlights to showcase the polished Moroccan marble walls and seating.



4    Era at Chatswood, Sydney

The downlights all use Xicato light modules for accurate colour rendering
3S downlights are used throughout the foyers  /  Photos: Mirvac Design

Era at Chatswood, developed by Mirvac, is a residential tower that represents the final phase of the Pacific Place project in the heart of Sydney’s North Shore. Standing at 43 stories tall and 135m high, it is the tallest residential tower in the area.

With approximately 300 apartments, Era includes a gym, an indoor heated pool with adjoining lounge area, a sauna and an outdoor BBQ area alongside a grassy park.

Mirvac Design and E-Lux led the lighting design, with Xicato-based 3S downlights throughout the spacious modern foyers.


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