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Des Moines school pioneers colour-change lighting

The installation at the Ruby Van Meter is believed to be a first for America

A school in Des Moines, Iowa, is pioneering tunable LED lighting in what’s believed to be a first for America.

At the Ruby Van Meter School the fluorescent lighting has been replaced with a colour-changing LED scheme which is designed to improve well being and help academic performance.

‘We’re hoping that with the variable lighting system, we can control it that we can really help to decrease a lot of acting out behaviors,’ Melissa Harper, teacher at Ruby Van Meter, told KCCI News in Iowa.

It’s believed that the Ruby Van Meter – which is a special school for disabled pupils – is the first school in America to use tunable lighting in all its classrooms.

The school follows the Kongsgardmoen School in Norway, which opened this week to its intake of 230 primary school pupils It too is pioneering ground-breaking circadian lighting Lighting researchers and scientists will follow the results of the experiment closely to see if so-called ‘tuneable’ lighting can change schoolchildren’s behaviour and academic performance. It’s one of the first full circadian lighting systems in an educational establishment anywhere in the world.

The school has installed luminaires with adjustable colour temperature, with LED light sources that can be tuned from cool white to warm white light. All classrooms are equipped with the technology, making this the most comprehensive human-centric LED lighting installation to date.