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Riyadh to install more LED streetlights

Saudi's Riyadh municipality is replacing older street lighting with LED systems

Saudi capital drives down energy consumption in switch to more efficient streetlighting.

The Riyadh municipality has intensified its efforts to reduce energy consumption in street lighting by increasing the take-up of energy-saving LED systems.

The move comes as part of the governorate’s plans to decrease the consumption of the electricity that is used for lighting the streets and squares of the capital.

As part of the plan, it will reduce the voltage during the late evening in order to trim down consumption by 30 percent. Additionally, older lighting systems will be replaced with mercury sodium lamps, which will reduce consumption by another 35 to 40 percent.

The plan also introduces technical solutions to the problem of unpredictable lighting resulting from the damage caused to photovoltaic cells through weathering. The city will install astronomical clocks, which will be programmed in advance to respond at sunset and sunrise. This is expected to reduce consumption by approximately 10 percent.

Energy reduction strategies already implemented include the installation of a system to control lighting networks remotely through terminal control stations. These stations collect information from sensors installed on the columns of the lights and sends them automatically to the central control room which connects all of the lighting networks neighbourhoods of Riyadh. This move reduces maintenance costs by making it easy to locate any faults in the network and to conduct follow-up repairs.

“These modern plans are being implemented across all lighting networks in all streets and squares. The LED systems have proven to be excellent in terms of energy efficiency, and can reduce consumption by more than 55 percent,” said the director general of the operation and maintenance centre at Riyadh governorate, Abdullah Al-Shareif.

Picture: Stephen Downes