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Canary Wharf saves £400,000 a year with LEDs

Major lighting upgrade across Canary Wharf malls saves more than £400,000 and over 1,951 tonnes of carbon annually

Canary Wharf Group has carried out a major lighting upgrade across a number of its malls saving more than £400,000 and over 1,951 tonnes of carbon annually.

The lighting in Canada Place, Jubilee Place and Cabot Place malls, as well as associated car parking areas has been replaced with LEDs. The upgrade is estimated to have reduced lighting energy consumption by 65% and saved around 3.7million kWh (kilowatt hours) of energy annually.

The new LED system has been provided and installed by Minimise Energy. In all, 9,260 light fittings have been replaced as well as 5.3 km of strip lighting.

As well as enhanced efficiency and low heat output, the new LED system is optimised to enhance the aesthetics of the malls’ many architectural features. The upgrade follows a pilot project in 2014 in which Minimise Energy installed 1.4 km of LED strip lighting at Canada Place Mall, reducing lighting energy consumption by 54%.

“The malls on our estate are among the busiest in the UK. This lighting upgrade project not only benefits the environment, but reduces costs and enhances the shopping experience, good for business and shoppers alike,” said Martin Gettings, Canary Wharf Group sustainability manager.

Sam Stageman, sales director at Minimise Energy, commented: “One of the challenges at Canary Wharf was the tight eight-week schedule and the restricted working times. In retail spaces, it’s important that the new lights look great and reduce consumption, costs and emissions – but also that the refurbishment doesn’t disrupt footfall or sales.

“The Canary Wharf malls are open to employees and the general public between 6am and 11pm, meaning that our teams had to complete most of the work outside of these times. We had to store materials on site and supply others ready for just-in-time installation. We also had to plan for and manage the installation within the car park areas, which are used day and night.”