LuxLive 2015 – 10 things not to miss!

LuxLive is back for a fifth time this year, and it's packed with debates, case studies and interactive presentations. Register now at www.luxlive.co.uk!

The UK’s biggest lighting show is back again on 18-19 November, and this time it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

Not only will you see more than 300 exhibitors at this year’s LuxLive, the show also features more than 80 hours of free-to-attend talks, debates and panel discussions. Here are just a handful of highlights that you definitely need to get in the diary.

Remember, LuxLive is completely free to attend, so register now!


Lights off – does that mean more crime or less? Find out at LuxLive

1    Does lighting really cut crime?

Lux Arena
3.10pm, Thursday 19 November

Manufacturers love to claim that their lights will make us safer. But the latest evidence suggests otherwise. What’s the real truth about lighting and crime? Phil Edwards, an expert on transport and health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, whose research sparked the debate earlier this year, discusses the topic with lighting industry representatives.





The new lighting scheme captures Da Vinci’s colours like never before. Find out how at LuxLive

2    The Last Supper – how it was lit

Lux Theatre 1
2pm, Wednesday 18 November

Discover how a revolutionary LED lighting installation has transformed the way people see Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper – and how Da Vinci’s own feeling for light informed the design. With Piergiovanni Ceregioli of iGuzzini, the designer behind the scheme.






Who will win? Or rather lose? Find out at LuxLive

3    The Bad Lighting Awards

Lux Arena
5.30pm, Wednesday 18 November

LuxLive is calling on lighting people to share pictures of the worst lighting you’ve seen. We want to see the most overlit, underlit, glary, shadowy, ugly, electrically unsound and just plain weird lighting installations that you’ve had the misfortune to come across. We’ll share the best – sorry, worst – in this fun session and present the awards to the winners. If they show up, that is.

PLUS: Don’t forget the real Lux Awards – on the evening of 19 November!




Come to LuxLive and learn how Tesco is saving millions every year with lighting

4    The secrets of Tesco’s massive LED rollout

Lux Arena
1.20pm, Wednesday 18 November

An exclusive presentation and interview with the team behind the UK’s biggest retail lighting rollout – covering nearly 1,500 shops. Matt Love, lighting manager at Tesco, explains how he’s achieved annual energy savings of 76 gigawatt-hours (yes, you read that right), saving the company millions of pounds, without compromising on the look and feel of its stores.







Lights can do anything these days. But will it change the world or is it a fad? Find out at LuxLive

5    The internet of things – should we believe the hype?

Lux Arena
12.45pm, Wednesday 18 November

The ‘internet of things’ is this year’s buzzword in the world of lighting. But is it about to transform the way that we use lighting, or is it all just hot air? François Girodolle of Google’s Nest Labs, Akshay Thakur of Cisco, and Simon Coombes of Gooee debate the issue.






Li-Fi pioneer Harald Haas with a Li-Fi receiver. Will it take over from Wi-Fi? Find out at LuxLive

6    Wi-Fi vs Li-Fi

Lux Arena
3.50pm, Wednesday 18 November

LuxLive pits Wi-Fi against Li-Fi: the new alternative technology that transmits data through light. Which is best? Harald Haas of Li-Fi pioneer PureLiFi goes up against experts from the world of Wi-Fi.







Learn how to make sure your make-up customers aren’t disappointed at LuxLive

7    How to achieve flawless lighting for make-up counters

Lux Theatre 2
10.30am, Wednesday 18 November

One of the biggest problems that cosmetics retailers face is customers bringing things back to the shop because they don’t like the colour – and usually the lighting is to blame. Top lighting designer Paul Nulty reports on new research conducted with a major global cosmetics brand, on how lighting can seal the deal.





The latest lighting can improve health and wellbeing in care homes – find out how at LuxLive

8    The latest thinking on lighting for dementia

Tech Theatre
1pm, Wednesday 18 November

Lighting designers have a key role to play in designing environments to care for people with dementia. David McNair, a Fellow of the Institution of Lighting Professionals, reveals the latest thinking on how to create lighting schemes that support health and comfort.

PLUS: At 2.30pm, an exclusive case study from Trilux on using dementia lighting in practice





Lighting technology is set to transform the shopping experience – find out how at LuxLive

9    Discover the latest cutting-edge lighting technologies for retail

Tech Theatre
4pm, Wednesday 18 November

In this special workshop session we’ll be bringing together retailers and technology suppliers to discuss how the latest cutting-edge lighting kit is going to transform the shopping experience. Which technologies are hot and which are not? And what can the lighting industry do to better help retailers?





Will your warranty protect you properly if products fail? Find out at LuxLive

10    Warranties: How not to fall through the loopholes

Lux Theatre 1
12.30pm, Thursday 19 November

Warranties are important. But watch out: some warranties on LED lighting products are more about protecting the seller than the buyer. Top lawyer Paul Stone explains how to dodge the loopholes that can make your warranty worthless.






LuxLive takes place at ExCeL London on 18-19 November. It’s free to attend – simply register now!