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LED lamps withdrawn after testing reveals flaw

Verbatim does not consider that the lamps presents a risk to users, but is happy to replace them

LED lamp manufacturer Verbatim has withdrawn stock of its Classic A 6W and 9W LED lamps after tests by Which? revealed that some lamps failed to conform to EU safety regulations.

The Classic GLS-style LED lamps failed an electrical strength test that forms part of the European standard for electrical safety. This means that the lamps pose a slightly increased risk of electric shock under certain conditions.

Verbatim, owned by the Mitsubishi Group, has conducted an internal investigation and made a number of changes, including:

  • withdrawing and destroying affected stock across Europe
  • making improvements to the design of the lamp
  • introducing more stringent quality control processes and additional electrical strength testing
  • adding extra safety advice and instructions on packaging.

Verbatim quality manager, Ian Rainsford, said: “While the vast majority of tested lamps were fully compliant with EN 62560: 2013 and EN 60598-1 :2008 norms, a very small number of lamps were not. We do not consider any lamps to present a danger to users. However, if they wish to return them to us, we will of course replace them.”

The affected model codes are:

  • 52600 Verbatim Classic A E27 6W
  • 52601 Verbatim Classic A E27 9W
  • 52612 Verbatim Classic A B22 9W
  • 52619 Verbatim Classic A B22 6W
  • 52626 Verbatim Classic A E27 9W ND 4000K

Only products which include a 4 in the batch number in the format ‘xx4x’ or ‘xxx4x’ are affected. The batch number can be found on the body of the lamp in the printed area.

Users can contact Verbatim by calling 00 800 3883 2222 or emailing [email protected]