10 product innovations to look out for at LuxLive 2015

Here are just a few of the exciting new lighting products you can see on show at LuxLive on 18-19 November.

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Laser – the new miniature downlight from iGuzzini

1   iGuzzini’s tiny Laser downlight     
iGuzzini, Stand P15

iGuzzini latest new product is the tiny Laser downlight. Ranging from just 17mm to 75mm in diameter, the Laser  is designed to discreetly and elegantly illuminate retail, hospitality and residential applications. For visual comfort, glare is kept low with a unified glare rating (UGR) of less than 15. There’s even a warm-dim version that reproduces the dimming of a halogen source, bringing back the magic of the past when less light meant warmth and softness. And it’s available with fixed, adjustable or wallwasher optics. See it for yourself on iGuzzini’s stand, P15.






Dextra’s new Torrent fitting – see it at LuxLive

2   The tough new fitting from Dextra
Dextra, Stand H33

Dextra’s new Torrent is a luminaire designed to last. It’s an LED solution capable of operating at up to 50°C, with an IP65 rating and smooth curved design minimising the risk of dirt accumulating. The Torrent is constructed with die-cast aluminium end caps and an extruded aluminium heatsink, with a high transmission opal diffuser. The LED source not only provides excellent energy efficiency but also eliminates glass and mercury. It’s ideal for food production areas. See Torrent and loads of other new products from Dextra at stand H33, right next to the Lux Arena.






Marl’s new Orion QD provides perfectly tuned colour

3   The quantum dot LED light
Marl, Stand K26

Quantum dots just might be the next revolution in lighting. These tiny crystals of semiconductor material play the same role as phosphors in LED lighting – converting blue light to different colours. The difference is, quantum dots allow you to fine-tune the colour of light like never before. For applications where colour quality is crucial (retail, galleries, horticulture…), this changes everything. At LuxLive, Marl will be showing off the Orion QD, the first in a range of products it has developed in partnership with quantum dot specialist  Nanoco. Come and see it for yourself at stand K26.






The new LED high-mast luminaire from Holophane

4   Holophane’s new LED high mast luminaire
Holophane, Stand K14

Holophane’s new HMAO high-mast product (pictured) uses glass refractor technology, with LEDs placed behind glass optical pods. For new and retrofit high-mast applications,it  provides a complete lighting solution for the simplest or the most complex area lighting challenges. The specially engineered optical modules come with a full range of distribution options to meet the highest performance standards while delivering outstanding visibility and uniformity. The luminaire is available with lumen packages of 30,000, 44,000 and 58,000lm. Check it out for yourself, along with all of Holophane’s latest products, at stand K14.






Aurora’s LED panel with super-high colour rendering

5   The flat panel with 95 CRI (and a five-year warranty)
Aurora Lighting, Stand K6

While most LED panels settle for a colour rendering index of 80 or so, Aurora’s latest panel boasts a super-high CRI of 95. This makes it ideal for lighting high-precision tasks such as printing and healthcare, and for applications where colour quality is important, such as retail and galleries. Oh, and it comes backed up with Aurora’s five-year warranty. Come and see it for yourself at Aurora’s stand, K6.






Fern-Howard’s integrated bulkhead

6   The solution for cost-effective LED PCB arrays
Harvard Engineering/Fern-Howard, Stand C6

Do you have LED luminaires that you’d like to make more efficient, more controllable, and longer-lasting? Control and light source specialist Harvard Engineering, in collaboration with luminaire manufacturer Fern-Howard, has developed an energy-saving, cost-effective integrated LED driver and light engine solution for LED bulkheads. The board has emergency test functionality used in tandem with Harvard’s EyeNut control system.  You will be able to see this particular PCB integrated in a Fern-Howard bulkhead on Harvard’s stand, C6.






Kosnic’s new high bay fitting – see it at LuxLive

7   Brand new high bays and low bays from Kosnic
Kosnic, Stand J6

Kosnic will be unveiling its new range of high bay and low bay luminaires at LuxLive. A replacement for inefficient metal halide lamps used in industrial spaces such as warehouses, factories, leisure and retail environments, both the high bay and low bay are available in 100W, 150W and 200W models, delivering significant energy savings. Fitted with pre-anodised aluminium reflectors to control the light output with low glare, both products have an efficiency of up to 91lm/W and a long life of 40,000 hours. Come and see them at stand J6.






BEG’s luminaires come with built-in sensors

8   Built-in sensors from BEG
BEG, Stand R57

Lighting control specialist BEG will launch its new range of LED lights with built-in occupancy sensors at LuxLive. The German manufacturer’s new BEG Luxomatic AL22 range uses the latest microwave technology so that the lights are only activated when motion is detected. The use of microwave sensors offers temperature-independent motion detection with very short response times that can be built into the fitting. As detection is also possible through walls, the Luxomatic AL22 is ideal for applications with no direct line of sight. The light also has built-in wireless communication. Come and see what BEG has on show at stand R57.






Set the scene with Hamilton

9   The latest in controls
Hamilton Litestat, Stand M18

Taking the first step to a smart home just got easier. Centre stage on Hamilton’s LuxLive stand will be the latest development to the Mercury Lighting and Audio Control system; the Mercury DK1 and the DK1E lighting control kits. An out-of-the-box entry-level system, both the DK1 and the DK1E kits contain everything needed to control four lighting circuits with the now standard ‘Touch Screen’ control plate. The DK1 kit is controlled using a wired touch screen plate, and the DK1E has built-in Ethernet and enables wireless control via iPad and iPhone using Hamilton’s app. Come and try it out at stand M18.






Plessey is making its unique silicon-based LEDs here in the UK

10   Plessey’s UK-made LEDs
Plessey Semiconductor, Stand E26

Meet the company that’s manufacturing LED chips in the UK. Plessey Semiconductor is using patented technology to create its unique GaN-on-Si LEDs – which are based on silicon, rather than the usual sapphire, thanks to technology developed at Cambridge University. Plessey says this is allowing them to unlock flexibilities in the manufacturing process and provide more bang for your LED buck. See the technology for yourself at stand E26.