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Wireless office retrofit cut costs and adds circadian control

The wireless installation uses the IP protocol and combined with the colour-tunable luminaires enables circadian lighting

A multi-tenant office has become one of the first to be retrofitted with IoT wireless lighting control. The 500 node system – installed in a three storey building in Surrey, England – also features white colour tuning, enabling so-called circadian lighting.

The suppliers claim that the system will provide energy savings of 90 per cent over the previous system. This is based on expected 50 per cent reduction in wasted light through control, and 64 per cent reduction in total load though high efficiency LED luminaires. Previously, the lighting was a mix of T8 fluoresent, dichroic halogen and CFL.

Due to the relative simplicity of installing the wireless IoT installation, the project was installed in phases out of hours, resulting in the tenants never being left without functional space or experiencing down time. Eliminating the need to install control cables meant that no redecoration or making good was required.

The proprietary Halcyon system was supplied by PhotonStar. ‘This installation demonstrates Halcyon’s ability to scale for larger commercial projects and the opportunity to make retrofit projects viable through its Internet of Things wireless technology,’ said the company. It says there was an 80 per cent reduction compared to the cost of retrofitting standard lighting controls. It expects a payback of  three years for the project.