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Zumtobel lights up Porsche showroom in Abu Dhabi

Vivo spotlights provide brilliant pinpoint light that picks out the fine details of the cars, Panos infinity delivers in reception areas and the Opura freestanding luminaire ensures uniform illumination of the task areas

Austrian luminaire manufacturer Zumtobel has devised a lighting concept for a state-of-the-art showroom facility in Abu Dhabi for Porsche and local dealer Ali & Sons Group. The lighting forms an important design element in the showrooms, particularly when it comes to supporting presentation concepts, accurately displaying colours and materials and meeting the corporate identity guidelines stipulated by Porsche.

Vivo LED spotlights provide pinpoint light that picks out the fine details of the cars. “The excellent colour rendering of the VIVO range helps enhance the natural appearance of the different surfaces and materials,” says the company.  “The silver finish of the luminaire merges perfectly with the ceiling of the showroom and in no way distracts from the interior architecture or the luxurious cars.”

The lounge or waiting area is lit to foster positive feelings and make waiting times feel shorter. “The excellent lighting quality of Panos infinity enables reading and creates a congenial atmosphere for open communication,” says Zumtobel. “These factors generate a positive feeling and can help sales discussions get off to a good start.”

The reception area often shapes the first impressions of a company. This is where potential customers are first welcomed to the showroom, so appropriate lighting can play a vital role. In addition, service personnel require functional task lighting to work efficiently and effectively. “Panos infinity meets all of these requirements with the highest lighting quality delivered by the latest LED technology. The downlight also creates a special effect in the ceiling, as the discrete mounting of the light source in no way detracts from the visual impact of the light itself.”

In the Porsche offices located within the showroom, Zumtobel’s Opura freestanding LED luminaire ensures uniform illumination of the task areas whilst also giving employees the option to easily adjust the light levels. The asymmetric indirect light distribution provides optimum visual conditions by directing light onto the working plane and delivering uniform illumination of the ceiling.

Pictures: Robert James Bova