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Store slashes energy and improves aesthetics in LED lighting upgrade

Aberfan store finds quality of light much improved as well as 62% energy savings

Aberfan Post Office and Convenience Store has cut energy consumption by 62% and dramatically improved its appearance following a refit with LED luminaires. The refurbishment provides a more effective and even distribution of light, eliminating dark spots.

Bernard McCormack, proprietor of the Tydfil-based store, was initially attracted by the energy-saving capabilities of LED and approached Dextra Lighting with the intent to reduce his electricity bills. Alongside refrigeration equipment, lighting contributes a major portion of the store’s electrical load. As with many customers, he did not expect any major aesthetic differences apart from a general “refreshment” of the area. McCormack was stunned by the full impact of LED luminaires on his establishment.

The project began by conducting a thorough survey to ascertain the performance of the existing fittings and determine the appropriate light levels for the shop floor. The previously installed switch-start recessed fittings with aluminium louvres produced a darkened ceiling effect characteristic of such older generation lighting, whilst the wall racks suffered from what surveyors described as “louvre light cut off” and reduced light above chest level.

The cure for this chronic shortage of light was Dextra’s Arcus LED luminaire. This fitting immediately enhanced the appearance of the store by providing a more effective and even distribution of light, whilst simultaneously reducing energy consumption by 62%. The luminaire’s optics are designed to create a bright and uniform distribution of light, making all areas of the store equally lit, eliminating unwanted dark spots.