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Consumers turn on to smart lighting

Smart lighting emerged as the public's favourite smart home technology, but overall satisfaction is poor

Smart light bulbs are the smart home device consumers are most satisfied with, according to a report from analyst Argus Insights. Overall the report found slow growth in smart home technology generally, due to consumer mistrust.

Argus Insights found that satisfaction is only slowly rising while overall demand continues the decline revealed in earlier studies. According to the new data, distrust from consumers about the reliability of connected devices is obstructing growth in consumer adoption and that, along with a steady drop in demand, may lead to challenging sales for home automation companies.

Argus Insights proprietary analysis of 45,000 consumer reviews sourced from around the world from March through August 2015 shows that there is a slow improvement in satisfaction among home automation customers with smart light bulbs and security kits and hubs leading in ‘consumer delight’ with the greatest disappointment in the category of security cameras.

Key findings from the report are:

  • delight for smart home devices is experiencing a slight uptick as companies work to make life easier for consumers
  • products that deliver on the promise of a better life in a way that is easy to install and maintain are driving up delight metrics
  • distrust from consumers about reliability of the products along with a drop in demand will lead to poor sales for smart home device manufacturers.