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Experts gather for IoT in lighting summit

Fred Bass, managing director of Neonlite, parent of Megaman, will be among the participants at Lux's IoT of Lighting summit

Experts on connected lighting are set to gather in Hong Kong later this month to discuss the impact Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will have on the lighting sector.

The summit – taking place at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair – will explore the likely direction and application of smart lighting. The panel will look at possible ‘killer apps’, compelling uses of IoT-enabled luminaires that will lead to early market adoption. These include uses in security, retail, hospitality, traffic management and healthcare.

A key focus of the session – organised by Lux – will be on cyber security, the threat to connected lighting and what measures lighting manufacturers can take to make their systems secure.

Confirmed speakers include Fred Bass, managing director of Neonlite, parent company of Megaman, Simon Coombes, the chief technology officer of IoT-for-lighting system supplier Gooee and Beat Kreuter, global director for innovation and portfolio management at DEKRA Testing and Certification.

‘Billions of devices and household objects are being connected to the net, creating the ‘Internet of Things’,’ says Coombes. ‘And lighting has a unique opportunity to be at the very heart of this network.’

Kreuter will present the challenge that cyber security poses for the smart lighting industry while Lux Review publisher Gordon Routledge will explore applications. ‘Clients will only pay for applications and features that give them genuine benefits that will add to their bottom line.,’ says Routledge. ‘So what will be the early applications of this exciting new technology?’

The session will be chaired by Lux editor Ray Molony. The afternoon’s deliberations will be in English, with simultaneous interpretation in Putonghua, and it takes place from 2:30pm to 4pm on Tuesday 27 October at SME Training Rooms B&C on the lower ground floor of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Registration is from 2.15pm.

Register for your free place for this unmissable summit at http://bit.ly/1k4aNHN