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LuxLive 2015: Meet the speakers

Introducing some of our most exciting speakers at this year’s free event – including top lighting buyers and experts. Register to attend LuxLive at – it’s FREE!


The man who’s putting lighting at the heart of the smart home

Nest Labs, which was acquired by Google last year, is the company that took two tired, uninspiring product categories – smoke alarms and thermostats – and turned them into a $3 billion business.

Now it’s making deals with other companies to expand its portfolio of smart home technologies – and Francois Girodolle is the man in charge of product partnerships here in Europe.

He’ll join other experts on the internet of things at LuxLive discuss the role lighting will play in this exciting new world.

The internet of things – should we believe the hype?
Lux Arena, 12:45pm, Wednesday 18 November



The woman who’s spending £1 million on healthy lighting

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust, which runs three London hospitals, is on a mission to make its lighting healthier and more efficient.

As associate director of sustainability at Guy’s and St Thomas’, Alexandra Hammond is the woman responsible for the trust’s environmental impact.

At LuxLive, she’l l be explaining the thinking behind the project, and how the hospitals are putting the latest thinking on light and health into practice.

Why one London hospital is investing £1 million in new lighting
Lux Theatre 1, 1:30pm, Wednesday 18 November



The man who’s saving Tesco £8 million a year

Tesco’s lighting manager Matt Love has overseen an LED rollout project that has achieved energy savings of 76 gigawatt-hours (yes, you read that right) a year. That’s somewhere in the region of £8 million saved on energy bills – every year.

At LuxLive, he’ll be revealing exclusively how it was done, the lessons learned, and what the future holds for Tesco’s lighting.

The secrets of Tesco’s massive LED rollout
Lux Arena, 1:20pm, Wednesday 18 November



The woman who protects bats from light pollution

Are your lighting schemes causing harm to protected bat species?

Find out from Jo Ferguson, built environment officer for the Bat Conservation Trust, who’s speaking at LuxLive in a session organised by the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP).

Ferguson will explain how light can harm bats and what you can do to help prevent it, minimising disruption to wildlife on your projects and even contributing to the bat conservation effort.

Could your lighting be disturbing bats?
Tech Theatre, 1:30pm, Wednesday 18 November



The control freak

Ever tried dimming LEDs? If you have, you’ll know that it’s pretty hit and miss – whatever the manufacturers might say.

At LuxLive, independent controls expert Jeremy Turner, armed with his trusty oscilloscope, will be bringing together a mixed bag of light sources, dimmers and transformers, and connecting them up before your very eyes, to see what happens.

They might flicker, they might not. They might blow up, they might not. Come along to find out.

Lamps behaving badly – live!
Lux Arena, 1:10pm, Thursday 19 November



The man who made his university the greenest in Britain

Facility managers take note: this is the story of a university that ranked 91st on the league table of green universities, and was catapulted to the top.

John Hindley, Manchester Metropolitan University’s head of environmental strategy, will be at LuxLive to explain how it was done – and the role that lighting played.

Case study: Manchester Metropolitan University
Lux Theatre 1, 4pm, Wednesday 18 November




The transport expert who says streetlight switch-offs are perfectly safe

Manufacturers love to claim that their lights will make us safer. But what’s the real truth about lighting and crime?

Phil Edwards, an expert on transport and health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, kicked off a debate on the topic earlier this year, when his team published new research on the impact of switch-offs on crime and road accidents.

He’ll be debating the topic with manufacturers and streetlighting experts at LuxLive. Come along to see the sparks fly.

Does lighting cut crime?
Lux Arena, 3:10pm, Thursday 19 November 



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