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Industry gets tough on poor quality luminaires

Market surveillance programme for luminaires would target products that do not comply with applicable mandatory EU Regulations

LightingEurope and its member trade associations are consulting on a proposed new industry-driven market surveillance programme for luminaires.

LightingEurope is concerned by the presence on the European market of lighting products that do not comply with applicable mandatory EU Regulations. “Safe and good quality lighting products in Europe, as well as a level playing field and fair competition for the lighting market, are high priorities for LightingEurope,” said the pan-European trade body.

LightingEurope started its Compliant Lighting Initiative back in 2014, but only lamps were in scope of the programme. Based on the positive results of the lamps scheme, LightingEurope has decided to carry out a feasibility study on a proposed new programme for luminaires.

“It is very encouraging to see that so far the lamps programme achieved positive responses from concerned market players including some large retailers in Europe,” said LightEurope. More than 30 cases of alleged non-compliant lamps have been processed by the lamps market surveillance  scheme in the following pilot EU countries: France, Germany, Netherlands and Hungary. One third of these cases have already concluded with corrective actions taken by the relevant companies.

The envisaged new market surveillance program for luminaires will contain the following:

  • First scope: indoor LED luminaires (professional and consumer)
  • Once per quarter, one or two luminaire categories will be addressed
  • An independent mystery shopper will select the products randomly from the chosen luminaire categories
  • Test houses will carry out a number of compliance checks
  • Companies that place non-conforming luminaires on the market will be informed about the results and will be requested to take corrective actions
  • Voluntary participation of all LightingEurope members (direct and indirect members via the local Associations).

“The power of this proposed new market surveillance programme for luminaires depends on wide support from the EU lighting industry,” said LightEurope. “Together we are much stronger and the more we can fund, the greater the value of the programme.”

Depending on the outcome of the consultation, and on the number of potential interested participants, a detailed proposal on the expected costs as well as a precise list of luminaire categories and related parameters to be tested will be developed.

To take part in the consultation, click here

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