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Introducing…the Bad Lighting Awards

Visit LuxLive to, er, celebrate some truly awful lighting

Thoughtless, ill-considered lighting is everywhere, and it’s ruining the exteriors and interiors of some great buildings.

While the Lux Awards celebrate the best in lighting, we felt it was time to also highlight the worst.

So Lux is introducing the Bad Lighting Awards. Taking place at LuxLive on Wednesday 18 November, these awards will cast a badly aimed spotlight on retailers, restaurateurs and others who are getting it wrong with lighting, in the hopes that they’ll improve.

Winners will receive the distinctive cracked light bulb trophy. Lux is calling on the lighting world to nominate the worst lighting schemes you’ve seen. We want to see the most overlit, underlit, glary, shadowy, ugly, electrically unsound and just plain weird lighting installations.

We’ll pick out the best – sorry, the worst, and present the awards to the winners. If they show up, that is.

Anyone can nominate an entry by emailing lightingspy@luxmagazine.co.uk or tweeting @lightingspy

Head to luxlive.co.uk/bad-lighting-awards for more information.

In the running for a Bad Lighting Award:

Warm or cool lamps? Rackham’s department store in Yorkshire has gone for both!







Halogen, CFL, working, not working… Morden Tube station has used every variety of lamp in this vintage chandelier!













The colourful wagon wheel of destiny adorns the Coach and Horses pub. Time to drink up.













In case you’re wondering, no, this isn’t in line with the emergency lighting regulations.














Dear oh dear oh dear. Which came first, the luminaire or the wall?













Aaaagh! My eyes! Ripley’s Believe It or Not has gone all out with the colours on its facade.







You know what this shop in East London needs? More lamps.








I know – let’s make the pub green! Really?? Really??








Find out which is the worst of the worst at Lux Live on Wednesday 18 November. Register for your FREE ticket at luxlive.co.uk/register