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Royal Mail delivers on energy savings

Royal Mail has replaced fluorescent lamps with LEDs at 16 centres across the UK, saving 11GWh of energy per annum

Royal Mail Group has reduced its energy demands by 11GWh per annum by replacing lighting with LED lamps and additional controls across 16 mail centres within the UK. The replacement programme converted 200,000 m2 of operational floor space and saw the removal of approximately 20,000 fluorescent lamps. The financial payback period was 2.5 years.

The LED lighting replacement programme represents a significant commitment by Royal Mail Group to reduce energy usage throughout its portfolio. In addition to the 11GWh annual energy saving, further substantial benefits include a reduced maintenance liability by the removal of fluorescent lamps.

Royal Mail worked closely with the contractors and supply chain to optimise a programme designed to have zero impact on mail centre operations in terms of mail throughput and disruption. Royal Mail Group Property engaged with its internal ‘Environment Pillars’ and operations teams to assist with the coordination of the installation programme to ensure good practice and optimise savings.

The programme also incorporated the installation of daylight dimmable lighting controls on several projects together with PIR sensors to maximise energy savings and harness natural daylight. This has proven extremely effective and ensured additional energy savings have been generated.

The Royal Mail Group also integrated measurement and verification (M&V) in accordance with the International Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) at each site undergoing LED replacement. The M&V was undertaken by independent IPMVP-certified consultants. This provided a robust verification process, delivering evidence that targeted energy savings were being achieved and giving confidence for future deployment of LED low energy lighting schemes.

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