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Butterfly sanctuary spreads its wings with LED lighting

Park's lighting aims to mimic the colours and lifecycle of the butterflies on display

Europe’s largest butterfly sanctuary can now rival the colour spectacle of its insects after receiving an LED makeover by Philips. The Tropical Butterfly Garden and Insect Museum of Konya in Turkey has installed a computer-controlled LED lighting system that allows it to glow in a host of different colours.

The park’s main building – constructed in the shape of a butterfly – has now become a prominent feature on the city’s night skyline. The museum is home to more than 6,000 different butterfly species and 20,000 tropical plants, and features the largest indoor butterfly flight area beneath its wing-shaped dome.

Museum bosses said they chose Philips’ dynamic lighting so they could mimic the myriad colours and changing lifecycle of the butterflies on display. The Philips LED system also allows the park to drastically reduce its environmental impact and energy bill as it is far more efficient than conventional lighting.

Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Mayor of Selçuklu Municipality – which commissioned the project – said: “The Tropical Butterfly Garden is one of the most important iconic symbols of Konya. The LED lighting system and fixtures have added value to the silhouette and visuality of our city.”