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LuxLive: Hot topics up for debate

From the future of healthcare lighting, to office lighting design and cutting crime, there is something for everyone at this year's panel discussions at LuxLive

The panel discussions at LuxLive are always one of the highlights of the show. This year is no exception, with top experts on hand to thrash out the big issues of the day. Don’t miss out, register to attend LuxLive at luxlive.co.uk/register – it’s FREE!


Office lighting – Time to throw out the rule book?

For too long, offices have suffered from unimaginative lighting that slavishly followed the guidelines without thinking about the environment they created. Our expert panel considers whether we should chuck out the rule book. With Iain Trent, editor of the British Council for Offices’ lighting guide; and top lighting designers Sabine De Schutter (pictured), Michael Grubb and Neil Foster of Couch Perry Wilkes.

Lux Arena, 10:50am, Wednesday 18 November



When LED upgrades go bad

Dingy bars with dotty, glarey LEDs, blueish lights replacing the warmth of halogen… we’ve all seen terrible examples of lighting upgrades in the hospitality sector that strike the wrong balance between energy efficiency and ambience. But if you avoid a few key pitfalls, lighting is still one of the easiest and quickest ways to slash energy bills. Independent energy professional Richard Felgate, lighting designers Chad Rains and Sally Storey share their experience of how to do it right.

Lux Arena, 1:50pm, Wednesday 18 November


How can we make healthier lighting a reality in Britain’s hospitals?

New technology holds the promise of lighting that promotes health and wellbeing. But tight budgets, a lack of guidance and complicated lighting estates makes real-life applications of this technology few and far between. Our panel, including Professor Debra Skene of the University of Surrey, Alexandra Hammond of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and Damian Oatway (pictured, right) of Central Manchester NHS Trust, discuss how to change things.

Lux Arena, 3:10pm, Wednesday 18 November



Do regulations stifle good lighting design at railway stations?

Lighting in the rail industry is tightly regulated – and rightly so. But do the regs sometimes hold us back from producing truly great design? Our expert panel, including Paul Meenan of the DLR, Lee McCarthy of Designplan Lighting, Darren Ward of Dextra, and rail expert Dave Burton, thrash it out.

Lux Arena, 12:30pm, Thursday 19 November


Is smart streetlighting everything it’s cracked up to be?

Streetlights of the future won’t just be streetlights, apparently. They’ll also be communications nodes, with all manner of sensors and connectivity to support smart cities. But how big an impact is this really set to have? Our panel of experts including Graham Colclough of the EU-backed “humble lamppost” project and Iain Macrae of Thorn, thrash it out.

Lux Arena, 1:50pm, Thursday 19 November


Does lighting cut crime?               

Manufacturers love to claim that their lights will make us safer. But the latest evidence suggests otherwise. What’s the real truth about lighting and crime? Phil Edwards (pictured), an expert on transport and health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, whose research sparked the debate on the topic earlier this year, debates with other experts. The panel includes Reine Karlsson of Lund University.

Lux Arena, 3:10pm, Thursday 19 November



Register to attend LuxLive at luxlive.co.uk/register – it’s FREE!