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Munich subway lighting is just the ticket

The lighting concept designed by Ingo Maurer features a generously dimensioned light ceiling with 1,062 LED light lines from Osram

An innovative LED solution is at the heart of a renovated mezzanine floor at Marienplatz subway and metro station in Munich, Germany. The newly-designed intermediate storey of the station opened this Monday.

The concept drawn up by the architect Allmann Sattler Wappner and the lighting designer Ingo Maurer gives the subterranean mezzanine a bright, clearly arranged and customer-friendly appearance following a construction period of three and a half years. Up to 200,000 passengers enter this busy transport intersection daily, following modernisation by the Munich municipal authorities (SWM) and the Munich transport company (MVG).

An essential element of the design is the orange-red light ceiling installed in the central ticket hall, where more than 1,000 Osram light lines have been installed for illumination.

The ceiling in the central area of the mezzanine level has been clad in orange-red, lightly reflective ceiling plates that give the complete space a larger appearance. In all, 1062 specially-developed LED light lines in various lengths and configurations have been flush-installed into the ceiling to illuminate the space, creating highly-diverse patterning and a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, more than 100 planar spots (wallwashers) with LED technology provide uniform lighting for the signage.

“The upgrade has created a modern and very distinctive space in the heart of the city – we’re very pleased indeed to have carried out Ingo Maurer’s lighting concept using our innovative LED solutions,” said Dr Eladia Pulido, CEO of Osram Lighting Solutions.

Marienplatz is one of the central squares in the Bavarian provincial capital, located in the centre of the pedestrian zone. As a stop for up to 200,000 passengers boarding or leaving trains every day, as well as up to 750 subway trains and more than 900 suburban trains, the square is one of the most important connecting stations in Munich’s public traffic system. The mezzanine, with a floor area of more than 4200 sq m, is the uppermost of four subterranean levels and provides access to the subjacent subway and district platforms. In addition, the location now also accommodates various shops and service facilities, including the customer centres of the MVG, the SWM and the telecommunication provider M-net.

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