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Portaloise saves energy with LED streetlighting

LED luminaires are slashing energy and maintenance costs at Portaloise County Council

Portaloise County Council is set to reduce energy usage by 50-60% and maintenance costs by 60-70% by replacing its streetlighting with LED luminaires.

Located in the Irish midlands in County Laois, Portlaoise is one of Ireland’s fastest growing modern towns, with an international community, a unique culture and a stunning history.

In September 2014, the County Council decided to start replacing old streetlights and to introduce LED luminaires, involving three main streets of the town: Stradbally Road, JFL Avenue and Abbyleix Road.

After evaluating traditional lighting technology already adopted in past projects, such as induction, the County Council opted for Cree LED luminaires. The decision was driven by the long-life of the products and by the minimum maintenance costs. 

The Council aims to extend this first pilot green program and has a long-term objective to upgrade the town’s entire lighting, fully switching to LEDs. This ambition is also driven by the 20/20 European commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, raise the share of energy consumption produced from renewable resources, and improve energy efficiency, all by the year 2020.

“For this roadway project, 216 Cree XSP Series LED fixtures were installed, the ideal choice for metropolitan and other municipal areas looking to save money and reduce maintenance costs,” confirmed Darren Marsh, regional sales manager of Cree Europe for UK and Nordic Regions. “These new lighting fixtures will allow the municipality to gain significant energy savings, from 50-60%, and maintenance savings of around 60-70% compared to the previous lighting system.”

“The new lights have been gladly welcomed by citizens, especially pedestrians who now feel much safer walking the streets at night, thanks to the brightness of new lights,” commented Farhan Nasiem, senior executive engineer for roads at Laois County Council. “We are very satisfied with our decision to select Cree LED lighting solutions for this project and we are planning to expand the initial project and convert to LED luminaires in other parts of the city as well.”

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