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Vossloh Schwabe boosts LED production

Vossloh Schwabe is making a major investment in its ‘chip on board’ LED products to cope with demand. VS Lighting Solutions, a Panasonic company, has recently added new production lines to manufacture COB products for lighting in Germany. VS has been making COB products since the 1990s – the technology was widely used back then in machine vision applications.






Investing in COB LEDs is just one part of the value chain. VS is also investing in the optics technology, with state-of-the-art “exjection” technology, where a combination of injection moulding and extrusion can provide an optic of up to 2m in length. This offers individual design freedom and a flexible, three-dimensional optical structure.





VS is also developing a range of silicone optics for various industrial (such as high-bay racking in a warehouse or an automotive manufacturing facility) and streetlight applications. This technology enables rapid design by OEMs by providing a clear benefit of higher IK values and an IP65 solution, without any additional potting. This keeps the costs lower.



The jigsaw of the lighting OEM value chain remains incomplete without the key innovations in IoT , LED drivers and controls technology. In this area, VS has launched, and has in the pipeline, various solutions including camera sensors to operate at heights of up to 20m, and connected lighting solutions which are DALI and wireless-based, enabling end users to bring in energy efficiency, security and ambience all under one umbrella.

The LED drivers launched are available in various form factors and topologies, including the latest linear multi-current, and compact multi-current, LED drivers with dimming availability in up to 1mA steps. This offers flexibility and energy efficiency to the end-user.


To find out more about how Vossloh-Schwabe can meet your requirements visit the website: www.vossloh-schwabe.com/en/home.html