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Arup says yes to radical Australian controls technology

The report on the Organic Response by Arup will be seen a major boost to acceptance for the technology

An independent study by Arup into a radically different lighting control system from Australia has given the technology the green light.

The global consultancy group said that for the UK commercial buildings market, the innovative lighting system from Richmond-based Organic Response is cheaper and more efficient than current lighting systems.

Arup’s report also stated that the control system – in which luminaires communicate and respond to changes in the environment similarly to the shoaling of fish – conforms to the recommendations and energy efficiency requirements indicated in BRE Digest 498, BREEAM and Part L2 of the UK Building Regulations.

It could also be possible for an installation with the system to gain an innovation credit in the ‘Ene 01 Reduction of energy use and carbon emission

The report – which will be seen a major boost to acceptance for the technology – also found the system would reduce operational costs in major buildings and for smaller building installations it offered a valid alternative to incumbent networked lighting control systems.

‘The strongest proposition of the Organic Response system is the self-adaptability of the system and the reduction in re-commissioning effort, both elements that have the highest potential to realise lighting control systems that really work and deliver energy savings and user satisfaction,’ the report stated.