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Glimpse the future of lighting and the IoT at LuxLive

See what this means for your business and how it is going to drive customer engagement and service provision. From retail to healthcare, transport to residential the IoT Experience is a must see feature.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, describes what will happen when it’s no longer just computers and smartphones that are connected to the internet, but everything; including fridges, heart monitors and lights.

It’s easy to speculate about the potential of millions of internet-enabled lights, but actually making it happen is much harder. How do you connect the devices to the net? How do you make sure they speak the same language? Who’s going to crunch the data? And who’s going to pay for it?

Gooee, the tech business,  has set out a bold vision of how lighting will join the internet of things. And it will demonstrate the exciting possibilities at the IoT Experience, a major feature of the floor of LuxLive and free to all.

The key to making this possible has been pushing down the cost of putting sensing and connectiviity into luminaires. Gooee says it has already made the big investments required to develop the technology, and rolling it out on a huge scale will keep the cost per unit low.

It wants to become the ‘operating platform’ on which numerous third parties can build their own smart lighting interfaces and apps – an approach which contrasts with most of the connected lighting products we’ve seen so far, which only work with the control system supplied by their manufacturer. The Gooee ‘ecosystem’ will be based on interoperability.

Light fittings will communicate over mains power lines with switches and smart hubs, which can then connect to the internet and to other devices using a variety of methods including Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth.

LuxLive takes place at ExCeL London on Wednesday 18 November and Thursday 19 November 2015. Register for your FREE pass at