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Abacus shines a light on Doha BMX track

Abacus on track: Over 230 Challenger 3 floodlights meet HD broadcast quality at Doha BMX track

Abacus Lighting has devised a floodlighting design scheme for a new BMX track at Doha, Qatar.

Aspire Zone in Doha, Qatar is a multi-use sports area consisting of sports training facilities, a sports medicine division and an educational facility. Aspire Logistics, the strategic business unit of Aspire Zone, is consistently expanding and building on the existing infrastructure, and has introduced a BMX track to sit alongside the large list of sports already catered for.

Working with installation contractors Al Ghorairi & Partners, Abacus put together a lighting design to meet the high standards already set by Aspire Zone. To ensure that the new BMX race track met the international standards for high definition (HD) broadcast quality televised events, Abacus worked with Aspire Logistics from design and supply to installation, testing and commissioning the high mast lighting system.

Due to the nature of the sport, riders require a suitable amount of light to plan out their route and landings to ensure a run is completed as safely as possible without being blinded by the light. Optically-precise Challenger 3 floodlights were the ideal solution, with 231 of these high performance fittings being installed on base-hinged masts across the track.

The Challenger 3 is designed with an internal baffle which improves light efficiency, ensuring minimal light loss whilst reducing glare to those under the lights. The light control and precision lighting resulted in a low number of masts being required, increasing safety on the ground by keeping the number of steel structures near to the track at a minimum.

The average horizontal maintained lux level is 2500 lux, with a minimum vertical lux level of 1400 lux. The use of Challenger 3 floodlights provided uniformity of over 0.7 and minimal glare across the track.

To extend the life of the lamp and electrical components, they are housed in an IP66-rated high pressure die-cast aluminium body with toughened front glass to further protect the fitting from the outdoor environment.

The lamp and integral gear can be accessed via a rear panel. Ease of maintenance is vital on the track where there are hills and drops and visibility is key. Easy access allows as little downtime to be taken for any lamp changes so that safe use of the track is promptly available.

Base-hinged masts are ideal for the track’s uneven terrain. Base-hinged masts can be installed so that they are dropped in a set direction, allowing for maintenance to be undertaken at ground level on an even surface. No cherry pickers or machine hire is required and time taken to drop these masts is minimal. Only seven masts were needed at Aspire Zone.