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Aurora seizes opportunities in Australian residential market and sets sights on NZ

Lux catches up Fred Nimarota, sales director at Aurora Australia, as the LED specialist sees opportunities in the residential sector and targets growth in New Zealand.


The Australian market is tough, but there are a lot of opportunities

The commercial market has taken a big hit and only a handful of projects are of serious value. Residential is where it’s at currently. At Aurora, we are in a very good position – the opportunities all along the eastern seaboard are enormous. The key is having the right product at the right price to be able to serve the residential market.


We are very focused and clear about where our strengths lie

We specialise and are very strong in four key sectors: retail, commercial, wholesale and residential. We have a product suite that meets what electrical engineers, wholesalers and the residential market look for. One of our biggest strengths lies in our research and development in terms of technology, then the suite of products that cater for that technology.


It’s a fairly saturated market in terms of suppliers

Everyone is looking for a point of difference. The groundwork that Aurora has done over the years, in terms of where the market is going to be from 2017-2020, allows us to be at the forefront and lead the market, whether that’s innovation in LED technology or innovation in controls [Aurora founder and CEO Andrew Johnson also is also founder and CEO at IoT specialist Gooee].


New Zealand is a similar market in some respects

Australia and New Zealand share some joint standards but building codes are slightly different. Our suite of products caters for both markets. There is an opportunity to promote our products and technology and we are looking for partners in NZ at this moment in time.