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iGuzzini takes off at Amman airport

iGuzzini checks in: floodlights were positioned within the canopy skylight apertures and angled downwards to provide a functional 200lux of light on the floor below

iGuzzini Middle East has been awarded the contract for the lighting of the second phase of the Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan.

Following the successful completion of the first phase, the Italian architectural lighting manufacturer has again been chosen to contribute to this iconic project designed by Foster + Partners. The lighting scheme will be a continuation of the solution applied for the initial phase of the project, but will adopt a new optical system developed by iGuzzini. The new system is an evolution of the one used in the first phase – fittings are currently being installed in the airport’s extension.

The second phase is being realised under the supervision of Buro Happold, the international engineering consultancy which has been working on the project since the initial stage.

A combination of tradition and modernity, Queen Alia International Airport has been described as a “dynamic symbol for Jordan” by Mouzhan Majidi, chief executive at Foster + Partners. The structure was inaugurated on 21 March 2013 and has been designed to achieve the maximum flexibility while respecting the environment.

The design scheme has been inspired by the local tradition and architecture, boasting colours and patterns which are reminiscent of the Islamic forms and are influenced by the tones of the rocks at Jordan’s most famous site, Petra.  

In response to Amman’s climate, the technologically-advanced building is mainly constructed in concrete, which helps to regulate the interior temperature naturally, thus reducing the energy consumption. The project’s design has been conceived to make the maximum use of daylight.

Lighting plays a central role in the project and helps to maximise the natural effect and create the sense of openness. A series of Maxi Woody 150W HIT floodlights were positioned within the canopy skylight apertures and angled downwards to provide a functional 200lux of light on the floor below with a high degree of uniformity.

The undulating nature of the canopy roof offered an interesting surface to illuminate as light could help express the dome-like quality of the roof while allowing the departures hall to take on a very different lit appearance by night when compared to the daytime scene. The challenge was to find locations where suitable uplighter products could be mounted in order to provide each ceiling dome with the same level of light and ensure that the appearance of the departures hall appeared consistent.

A series of 70 and 150W HIT iGuzzini iPro asymmetric floodlights were mounted on top of retail cabins, within signage totems and also on top of the check in desk structures. These limited locations provided the design team a real challenge in terms of delivering a consistent lit effect. The arrangement of luminaires installed within the departures building was also replicated within the two piers which flank the main building. Additionally, the same lighting concept was used externally where the dome canopy structure covers the external vehicle drop off point in front of the main terminal building.