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LEDs achieve 50% energy savings at care facility

Take Extra Care with lighting: facility will benefit from energy savings, long life and less maintenance requirements

Witton Lodge Extra Care Facility is benefiting from significant energy savings following the installation of Aura Light’s LED luminaires with occupancy sensors.

Aura Light worked with funding agency, Catalyst Mutual Enterprise CIC to install its LED IQ 4150 luminaires with integrated presence detectors throughout the facility to optimise the lighting and energy efficiency and reduce the facility’s carbon footprint.

As part of the Witton Lodge Community Association, based in Birmingham, the Extra Care Facility is funded by the Regional Housing Board and Catalyst Mutual Enterprise CIC to provide innovative approaches to private sector housing services. This encouraged the decision to convert the lighting scheme to LED to offer improved and sustainable light for its residents.

Shruti Gonglore of Catalyst Mutual CIC commented: “We found Aura Light to be the best fit for the needs we had in improving the energy performance at Witton Lodge. Replacing all of the 2D lamps with LED provided a 50% energy saving and the incorporation of occupancy sensors increased this even further. Another important factor was the life expectancy of the product.”

The LED luminaires offer exceptional energy savings due to the much lower wattage when compared with traditional lamps, with the added benefit of the adjustable high frequency motion sensors. These are discreetly built into the luminaire to detect presence up to 10m to increase or reduce the light levels as needed, with the ability to adjust the time delay, range, sensitivity and lux levels dependent on the requirements and conditions of each installation.

Comprising 96 LED chips, the Aura IQ 4150 luminaire is said to offer excellent uniform illuminance for wall and ceiling mounted indoor applications, including stairwells, offices and circulation areas. The LED luminaires also offer a long life of 50,000 hours which eliminates the need for frequent maintenance and replacements.