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Tridonic sets sights on IoT solutions

Lux speaks to Rajeev Radhakrishnan, managing director at Tridonic Middle East about the Internet of Things and the future of lighting management systems, what’s in store for LuxLive and issues facing specifiers in the region.


The market is undergoing significant change

Tridonic reduced its investment in conventional components such as magnetic technology some 2-3 years back. We have focused on LED technology and it’s paid off for us – we are proud to be the number one LED component supplier in this region. There is a lot of competition from European and Asian suppliers flooding the market, but there are only a very limited number of OEM manufacturers in the region.


Lighting management is a key focus for Tridonic

Again, there is a lot of change happening in lighting management systems as we move from legacy technology to more connected lighting. There is more demand for the ease of commissioning, advanced management and reporting that the latest technology can provide. Lots of companies are investing in how usable their systems are.

connecDIM:  huge interest in the education sector throughout the region

We launched connecDIM, a Cloud-based system, and we’ve seen huge interest in the education sector throughout the region. One of the key advantages with a Cloud-based system is that it’s much easier for commissioning and adds value because it can be accessed anytime. At the click of a button on an iPhone, you can get reporting on a 24/7 basis, which is much more cost efficient and user friendly.


We see momentum across the UAE, but predominantly Dubai

There are plenty of projects being announced in the run-up to the Dubai World Expo 2020. Dubai is particularly strong in retail, commercial and tourism projects. Abu Dhabi is always strong in the infrastructure sector.

Saudi has always been a large market for Tridonic, but there has been a slowdown on spend recently as oil prices have fallen – the country is strongly dependent on oil revenue. However, the Kingdom is making investment in affordable housing, railways and education and those projects are still active.

The falling oil price forces an emphasis on cost management on schemes and there will be a focus on saving energy, which clearly means more investment in energy efficient lighting systems.


Specifiers face spec-breaking

With the growing concern over cash flow and the economic slowdown, there is a lot of specification breaking locally to reduce costs. The other big issue we face is that the pace of change brought about by LEDs means that there is gap in the knowledge level in the market in terms of what should be the appropriate components to be used in different types of lighting applications.


We want to go beyond LEDs

Tridonic has made its presence felt in LED technology but we are trying to go beyond that.  For example, we have some very interesting IoT-based solutions planned for next year. We believe that LuxLive Middle East will be an important platform and the right plaform for Tridonic to showcase these innovations.

You can catch up with Tridonic and a host of other leading equipment suppliers, as well as inspirational talks by some of the biggest names in the region and from around the world, at LuxLive Middle East at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre on 13-14 April 2016. To register for your FREE pass go to www.luxlive.ae