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Dubai’s Zabeel Park to glow in the dark

Let your garden glow: light show will bring Dubai's Zabeel Park to life at night

Dubai Garden Glow is set to open this month at Dubai’s Zabeel Park. The garden will feature a spectacular light show in the Zone B area of Zabeel Park.

Dubai Garden Glow will light up plants, trees and animals and recreate experiences such as the Masai Mara wildebeest migration. The zone will also feature replicas of UAE landmarks made from recycled porcelain cups and medicine bottles.

“Dubai Garden Glow is a unique edutainment vision which has been brought to life using cutting edge technology and some of the best artistic talent from different corners of the world,” said Hussain Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality.

“Dubai Garden Glow will engage and inspire visitors by spreading a strong message reinforcing Dubai’s commitment towards using recycled products and reducing carbon footprint.”

The Dh30 million project has been billed as one of the world’s largest family destinations, offering two experiences, Art by Day and Glow by Night through to April next year, according to the Municipality.

The park also promises to replicate the famous tulips of the Netherlands. Attractions for younger children will include the Talking Tree, Panda Paradise, Dino Camp and Candy Land. Dedicated areas for children to encourage them to learn through play concepts will be part of the venue.

Live performances by international and local artists and acrobats along with musical shows to promote UAE culture are planned.

The environmental section will include a porcelain model of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque made from 90,000 porcelain cups, plates and spoons and a 12-metre-high mock-up of the Burj Khalifa recreated with 330,000 medicine bottles filled with coloured water.

The municipality estimates more than 5,000 visitors daily.