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LEDs are a perfect match for leading bridal retailer

LEDs down the aisle: WED2B gets hitched to the latest lighting

WED2B, among the largest bridal wear retailers in the UK, is undergoing a nationwide expansion and store redevelopment programme with LED lighting at its heart.

With nine stores across England and Scotland, Wed2B has focused on creating a unique customer experience within a warm and friendly retail environment, offering a huge range of high-quality, yet competitively-priced designer bridal wear. Convenience is also a key aspect of the service. Unlike most wedding dress retailers, Wed2B stores operate on a no appointment, no pressure basis.

In 2015, the company successfully trialled LEDs at its Milton Keynes store with lighting partner Dexretail. The trial lighting design is to become a template for the refurbishment of the chain of existing stores and the development of new branches across the UK.

Dexretail worked closely with Wed2B’s store development team to deliver an energy-efficient lighting scheme that would enhance the outlet’s showroom, changing rooms and waiting areas. The design needed to reflect the retailer’s brand identity by evoking the allure of a high-end boutique merged with a friendly and less formal atmosphere. The lighting also had to highlight the dresses on display, showcasing their product range effectively.

The Hi-Track range of track-mounted LED spotlights was used extensively for the showroom’s display area and multiple rails of wedding dresses. This versatile luminaire is designed to accommodate the constant changes in style, layout and colour scheme of retail spaces. A three circuit adaptor allows luminaires to be positioned anywhere along the length of the circuit track. Further adjustments can then be made by rotating and pivoting the spotlights individually to suit the display layout. A rotary dial for circuit selection also allows luminaires to be wired on three separate circuits and switched according to the client’s requirements.

To match the bridal retailer’s brand identity, both the luminaire and corresponding tracks were delivered in white with subtle black detailing. A vertical style body was specified, along with a 25 degree beam angle, to provide the most efficient coverage possible throughout the showroom.

Hi-Track combines a high-performance aluminium faceted reflector and the latest Lumileds LEDs to offer excellent all-round efficiency and a colour rendering index of 80+, in both 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures.

In the waiting and changing areas, the Protec LED downlight has provided efficiency and contemporary design. With a huge range of interchangeable bezel, reflector and colour attachment options and lumen packages of up to 3000lm, the Protec LED is adaptable to changes to room layout, branding colour schemes and display arrangement.

Wed2B stores are set to significantly reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprint over the course of their renovation programme and into the long-term future.