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Qatar plans green building initiative for hotels

Qatar Green Building Council aims to tackle sustainability in hotels

Qatar’s hospitality sector is to benefit from an initiative geared towards making hotels sustainable by studying their indoor environmental quality, including lighting.

An event hosted by the Qatar Green Building Council brought together indoor air quality experts and senior hotel officials in Qatar to evaluate sustainability in Qatar’s hospitality industry. The move aims to help the country reduce residential energy use by 50%.

As well as lighting, topics included acoustics, indoor air quality, filtration systems, foundations and natural ventilation, as well as other factors affecting the health and well-being of building tenants.

“The pilot project highlights the advantages of green buildings, besides applying the old idea of conserving water and saving electricity,” said QGBC managing director Meshal al-Shamari.

“The objective is to scale and identify the minimum requirements with regards to air quality, noise levels, energy and water consumption, recycling, facilities management and other factors that should be in a hotel,” he added.

Al-Shamari calls for the new generation of green buildings to focus on the well-being of users and tenants, providing a healthy indoor environment.

“The project initially focused on the hospitality sector but it can be scaled or applied to other buildings, whether it is a government or private building, home, hospital or school,” al-Shamari said.

Picture: Bob Ramsak/Piran Cafe