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Dubai firm extends lamp disposal scheme across GCC

Lamps4U reports a strong take-up of its lamp recycling service in Dubai during 2015

Dubai-based Lamps4U is to roll-out its lamp disposal service across the GCC in 2016.

The decision to extend the scheme has been taken following a strong uptake in Dubai and the wider UAE during 2015. Lamps4U told Construction Week that the zero-landfill initiative allows every component of a used lamp to be recycled, and helps prevent mercury from entering the food chain.

“Most energy efficient lamps, such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), contain small amounts of mercury,” said Mahesh Patel, chief executive officer of Lamps4U. “We established this service in 2015 as part of Dubai’s ‘Go Green’ initiative. Lamps4U is able to sustainably dispose of used lights here in the UAE at our facility in Silicon Oasis.”

Lamps4U provides a selection of safe-storage and disposal options for commercial, industrial, and residential customers looking to sustainably dispose of their used lamps.

“We offer three methods for collection and disposal,” said Patel. “If used lamps have been stored safely, we can collect them directly for processing. Alternatively, for mass generators, we have the Bulb Eater system, which enables onsite disposal. This tool reduces storage, recycling and disposal costs by around 50%.

“The third method of disposal is our Easy Pack container service. This system allows small generators – for example, hotels that might use 100 to 200 lamps in a quarter – to safely store used lights as they are being changed. When the containers are full, the customer calls us and we collect and transport the waste for processing and recycling at our plant,” said Patel.

Lamps4U issues certificates to customers to confirm that used lamps have been disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Lamps4U CEO told Construction Week that the initiative, which was developed in collaboration with public bodies in the UAE, has proved extremely popular since its establishment in 2015. Patel expects uptake in other GCC countries to be similarly strong.

“Dubai Municipality has been very supportive of this scheme,” he said. “We have conducted an internal presentation for the public body to make its personnel aware that this service is now available.

“We will now roll the scheme out to the rest of the GCC. We’ve already implemented the soft launch, and we’ll conduct official openings over the next few months, in conjunction with relevant government bodies,” he added.

“Lamps4U is also working with numerous waste management companies, which are signing up and going through the relevant processes to allow their clients to participate in the initiative,” Patel concluded.