UAE lighting chief to outline changes to standards

Valentine will expain the new 2016 requirements for street lighting and light levels and the implications for specifiers, suppliers and installers

The Lighting Expert of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City Martin Valentine will outline the changes to the exterior lighting guidance in the country in a special Lux webinar on 20 January.

Valentine will explain the new 2016 requirements for street lighting and light levels in the United Arab Emirates and their implications, and also speak about his work on the production of the Abu Dhabi Realm and Street Lighting Handbook.

Valentine has responsibility for reviewing Abu Dhabi’s lighting specifications and advising on improvements to lighting design standards and best practice. He also leads the implementation of an Emirates-wide initiative to introduce a sustainable lighting strategy.

Originally a lighting designer,  he developed his knowledge base by gaining an MSc in Lighting Design from the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London in 2001. He has a formidable CV, combining a creative approach to lighting with a close eye to detail and an innate understanding of how things work. in addition to his work around committee tables, he has also overseen the lighting design for many of the Municipality’s key projects, including Sheikh Zayed bridge, the Grand Mosque and Sheikh Zayed Street.

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