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How to spec emergency lights at world’s greenest building

The Edge in Amsterdam has been certified as the most sustainable office building in the world by Breeam, with an ‘Outstanding’ rating and a highest ever score of 98.36 per cent. But it also challenges prevailing attitudes towards emergency lighting.

The building combines active and passive aspects of energy-efficient design including generating its own electricity via solar panels on the souith facade, sufficient to meet the building’s level of consumption. And it’s here where a new lighting system has proved successful. At first sight, it would appear that enhanced performance and energy reduction would be a difficult double to achieve, but the Emergi-lite Guideway escape route signage delivers a bright solution that meets the requirement of a multi-floor, open floor, daylit building. Luminance of the pictogram plates measures a mighty 500cd/m2 while delivering a 57 per cent redcution in energy consumption over a conventional fluiorescent solution.  Inevitably, the illuminance values and energy reduction comes from the adoption of an LED solution that offers a 100,000 hour life span, far outstripping the maintenance requirements of previous generations of emergency light sources.

The architectural styling of The Edge called for a very specific approach to the escape lighting strategy. The amount of daylight, together with the expanse and complexity of the atrium spaces demanded signage that could be seen easily and without confusion. The high luminance value of the pictograms ensures that escape points are immediately recognisable throughout the day. As commercial building design develops strategies for improved management of energy consumption, we can expect more planned use of daylighting and far higher levels of background illumination against which escape strategies will need to be devised. The Edge provides an indication of where emergency lighting standards will be headed.


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Photograph reproduced with kind permission of
Matthijs Borghgraef: