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160,000 lamps to be swopped in ME’s biggest home refit

Each villa built by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment will have 80 incandescent lamps replaced in a move which will cut energy use dramatically.

What’s believed to be the Middle East’s largest domestic lighting retrofit will see 160,000 incandescent lamps swopped for low-energy LED versions.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority is working with Etihad Energy Services to supply 2,000 new and existing homes built by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment project with 160,000 LED light bulbs and photovoltaic panels.  Each villa will have 80 incandescent lamps replaced in a move which will cut energy use dramatically.

Established in 2013 by DEWA, Etihad Esco has an ambitious target to make energy savings of 1.7 TWh by 2030, part of the wider plan to reduce energy use in the Emirate by 30 per cent by 2030.

Already the organisation – a so-called ‘Super Esco’ – has facilitated some spectacular projects. Over 8,500 luminaires were replaced recently at DEWA’s power plant in an AED 21 million retrofit which realised 70 per cent savings. Payback is just three-and-a-half-years.

At Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority, some 90,000 light fittings are being replaced across 157 buildings throughout 2016. This AED 22 million retrofit is part of a wider, Etihad Esco-funded project worth AED 65 million.

Tenders have just closed for a major upgrade to low-energy lighting at Dubai International Financial Centre. Some 30,000 indoor and outdoor luminaires are involved in the project and it’s predicted to realise savings of 50 per cent.

Some homes within the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment housing project  will be supplied with photovoltaic panels, as part of DEWA’s Shams Dubai initiative, to use solar power to cut the demand for electricity even further.

Etihad Energy Services CEO Stephane le Gentil says lighting will be one of the key ways  the organisation achieves its ambitious plans to help make Dubai one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

‘Lighting’s an easy and quick win and the payback is very short,’ says le Gentil. 


Watch our interview with Stephane le Gentil:


  • Stephane le Gentil will give the keynote address on Wednesday 13 April at LuxLive Middle East 2016 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. He’ll discuss the projects that Etihad Energy Services is involved with, and the role of lighting in its work. Entry to the event. View the full programme and register for free here.


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