Going to Light + Building? Use our jargon buster!

Most lighting executives tell it straight - but occasionally an exhibition visitor will need to reach for our jargon buster to work out exactly what it's meant by phrases such as 'lightcentricity' and 'beyond illumination'

Trade shows such as next week’s Light + Building in Frankfurt can be confusing with so much marketing hype and buzzwords flying around. We’ve put this hand guide together to help you understand what people really mean. If we’ve missed one, please add a comment.


The lighting market is very dynamic

We’ve just been bought by a Chinese company


We are demerging the lamp business

The Chinese are killing us


We are now a pure-play lighting business

We are for sale because we don’t make any money





Beyond illumination

We can’t make any money selling lights


We are part of a multibrand strategy

We compete with ourselves



You can dim this light


Smart lamp

You can dim this lamp over the internet


Smart cities

You can dim this street light using the internet



Expensive dimming


The product is driverless

It’s got annoying flicker


This is humancentric lighting

It’s witchcraft


We are targeting the horticultural market

We are making loads of money supplying lamps to cannabis growers


This is a circadian rhythm lighting system

We can dim between warm and cool white


We’re developing a Power over Ethernet offer

We’ve partnered with Cisco because we are scared of Google


We’ve integrated the light within architecture

We’ve used LED tape


We offer lighting as a service

Our lights are so expensive the only way we can sell them is to bundle them up in a confusing contract


We’re always happy to see a developing market

Who let the Chinese companies into this hall?


Golden tail

We still sell non-LED lamps


This is our new brand

Prices have gone to the dogs, so we’ve ripped the guts out and cut the spec to the bone


This is our new design concept

None of these products is ready


Light on your terms

Use our LED module and end up with a fixture just like everyone else



A great idea twenty years ago


We’ve reinvented the pendant

It looks like that design classic from 20 years ago


It’s IoT ready

We don’t have a clue what it means, but we put it in the data sheet because everyone else is



We’ve made this up, but if we all say it enough times, I’m sure it will make it into someone’s marketing hype


We are committed to sustainability

We want to sell you more stuff


We are committed to the circular economy

We pay our WEEE dues


Disruptive technology

One huge multi-national pushing aside another huge multi-national



We’ve run out of adjectives to describe an ordinary office block


Intuitive interface

Similar to what you’re used to


A seamless interface

Which only connects with our own system


Fully automatic

No one knows if it’s working


Available next quarter

It doesn’t exist


Updated design

The last one didn’t work


Extensive testing

We’ve been worried that it leaks


Challenging few months

The company that has taken us over are idiots


I’ll get back to you on that

I’m not interested in you


I’ll just get the technical manager

Your breath smells


Please leave your business card to be entered into a draw

We’re selling all of these to the Chinese


Ergonomic design

We’ve copied someone else’s


OLED has made great strides since the last Light + Building

It’s 5 lm/W more efficient and it only cost 20 times as much as LED


Missed any? Add yours in the comments box at the bottom of the page…


  • Meet the Lux team at Light + Building. Our video crew will be filming in our special studio in the Festival Hall and our journalists will be scouring the halls for innovation. In the evenings we may even be in O’Reilly’s Irish bar opposite the Hauptbahnhof at the junction with Munchener Strasse. Look out for the distinctive red shirts! Light + Building takes place in Frankfurt from Sunday 13 March to Friday 18 March.