UK lamp recycling rate leaps ahead in 2015

The industry is recycling more lamps and luminaires than ever, according to data from the Environment Agency.

In 2015 the number of lamps being recycled leapt by 44 per cent while luminaires were up 4.4 per cent. Commenting on the news, Nigel Harvey, CEO of specialist lighting WEEE compliance scheme Recolight, said: ‘It is particularly pleasing to see that the 2015 recycling rate bounced back up from 2014.  This is probably due, in part, to the recycling of fluorescent waste resulting from major LED integrated luminaire roll outs in business premises across the UK. The lamp recycling rate from 2013 to 2014 saw a drop when, for the first time, the data included LED lamps as well as Gas Discharge Lamps.  With very large quantities of LEDs being sold – but very few being returned as WEEE, the inclusion of LEDs inevitably reduced the rate.’

Turning to the luminaire recycling rate, he added ‘The luminaire recycling rate has increased from 2014 to 2015.  However, the tonnage of luminaires collected in 2015 is only 5 per cent higher than in 2014.  The rate increase is therefore primarily due to the 12.7 per cent reduction in the tonnage of luminaires reported as put on the market.  This reduction is likely to be a result of dual use classification, which means that any luminaires that could be used by consumers are now out of scope of the WEEE Regulations.’

  • The Environment Agency data also reveals that membership of Recolight has increased more than any other UK scheme. The number of members increased by 23 producers between the end of 2014, and the beginning of 2016.  That is also Recolight’s biggest annual increase recorded since the scheme was established in 2007.


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