6 incredible lights you’ll see at LuxLive Middle East

IGuzzini's Trick is that rare thing: a completely new form factor. You can see it in action, along with scores of lighting innovations, at the LuxLive Middle East exhibition in Abu Dhabi in April.

Some of the greatest innovation the lighting industry has produced in recent years will be at LuxLive Middle East in Abu Dhabi in April. We select six standout lighting fixtures that you MUST see on a visit to the show….



Industrial luminaire


This luminaire has an efficiency of 180 luminaire lumens per Watt. Yes, you read that correctly. 180 lumens. And yes, it’s a world record. And no, we’re not sure how they did it. Oh, and with it Veko is offering a driver which will deliver 100,000 hours at 35C. Wow. Booth 507





This artificial skylight has won a string of awards, global media attention and a Lux video about it has been viewed a million times. Why? Because it’s quite simply the most astonishing light fixture that’s ever been produced. Prepare to be amazed. Booth 517





Not the cheapest, but in terms of colour quality and rendering the best LED lamps money can buy, bar none. No surprise, the chief technology officer of Soraa is no less a person than blue LED inventor and Nobel prize winner Shuji Nakamura. Booth 710




A rare thing in the lighting industry: a new form factor. The Trick delivers a thin blade of light in either 360 or 180 degrees. Put three of these babes in a corridor and you’ll have an awesome light show. Lux Arena




A street light from the future. Schreder calls it an ‘integrated smart-city luminaire’ and it’s absolutely packed with features including wi-fi, cameras, PA speakers, air-quality sensors and electric-car chargers. One day something like this will be in your street. Booth 525




iGuzzini describes this latest versions of its Laser a ‘masterpiece of lighting’. A bit immodest granted, but we can’t disagree. This micro LED downlight – it’s just 20mm in diameter – has the best halogen-style dimming we’re ever seen, right down to a cosy 1800K. We want it. Lux Arena



  • LuxLive Middle East takes place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre on Wednesday 13 April and Thursday 14 April 2016. Entry is free if you pre-register at