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Experts gather for the Facilities Managers Conference

The Lighting for Facilities Managers Conference 2016 – which takes place on Thursday 19 May – offers a day of exclusive presentations by key speakers within the industry as well as interactive sessions and live interviews.

If you work in facilities managerment you’ll know that there are tremendous opportunity to slash your energy and maintenance costs and create great buildings with LED lighting. But the danger with LED is the risk of picking the wrong products.

The Lighting for Facilities Managers Conference 2016 – which takes place on Thursday 19 May – is designed to help. The conference offers a day of exclusive presentations by key speakers within the industry as well as interactive sessions and live interviews.

At this special one-day event, which is free to facility managers, you’ll learn how to upgrade lighting with success, the mistakes to avoid, how to make sure you’re picking the right LED products, how to make sure your installation will last and how lighting controls can save you bags of money on electricity.


Speakers will include:


Simon Allard, Managing Director, Dextra Lighting

Simon Allard has worked for Dextra for 21 years, having senior positions within both the sales and commercial teams. He leads his management team on strengthening the companies LED & project specification in the UK. 

Simon will review an NHS bespoke retrofit at Ealing Hospital: product variant requirements,  logistics, service and finally how the installation changed the lit environment. 


Neil Foster, Engineer, Couch Perry Wilkes

Neil has worked in lighting for much of his career, including 13 years at Osram and Siemens in roles in product design, international marketing and lighting design. Neil has worked for Couch Perry & Wilkes for 10 years as lighting principal and associate director of lighting and creative innovation.

Neil will address the issue of how to improve the lighting of circulation areas;:  the stairwells, the corridors, the toilets, the plant rooms, the car parks, the bike sheds?


Simon Waldron, Managing Director, Urban Jungle Energy & Engineering

Prior to establishing Urban Jungle Simon was the Electrical Engineer at Sainsbury’s, responsible for the specification of lighting systems throughout the estate. He now leads a team of experienced Mechanical & Electrical Consultants & Technology Integrators.

Simon will discuss retrofit lighting:: ‘ Getting it right in a large roll-out’. An LED retrofit sounds simple enoughy but it needs knowledge and effort to make it a success.


Alan Tulla, Technical Editor, Lux

Alan is an acknowledged expert on LEDs and their practical applications. An independent lighting consultant, Alan conducts Lux’s product reviews and writes the Design Clinic series. He is a fellow and past president of the SLL.

Alan will look at the risks of using retro-fit LED lamps and tubes. He will also discuss outdoor lighting issues: H&S, security, risk assessments, energy management, reliability and maintenance.


Ray Molony, Editor, Lux

An engineer by background, Ray Molony has written about lighting for over 20 years. He is the editor of Lux Review and the publisher of Lux magazine. He studied electrical and electronic engineering at Dublin City University and worked on various projects in the defence industry.

Ray will deliver his keynote presentation ’30 Rules of Lighting’.  Accepted orthodoxies, maxims and truisms of artificial lighting that won’t make you a lighting designer but will help create a much-better-than-average scheme