We are growing a loyal community of followers for our fortnightly Webinar Series – and why ever not? The topics have been many and varied, and always interesting. The speakers have been expert in their field and, from a personal point of view, the Q&A sessions at the end of the presentations have been just as enlightening. 

And if you haven’t heard about the Lux Webinar Series, here’s what you need to know.

The Webinars happen every other Wednesday at 1pm (GMT / BST); they last for an hour, and they are free to register. We have a guest speaker, occasionally two, who generally delivers a slide presentation that lasts around 40 minutes. Then we finish off the hour with a Q&A session based on questions that come from the audience (that’s you). It’s as simple as that.

It’s my pleasure to act as host for the events, so I get to speak to people who know things about stuff that I never even knew I needed to know about. 

Subjects that we’ve enjoyed this year include:

The Internet of Things and Lighting: The debate, plus LuxLive on Demand, presented by Simon Coombs of Gooee.

Changes in lighting legislation in the UAE: looking at the new Abu Dhabi Public Realm and Street Lighting Handbook, presented by Martin Valentine, Lighting Expert at The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City (and Lux Person of the Year at LuxLive Middle East 2016)

Introducing TM-30 – the new way to measure colour rendering, presented by Peter Raynham, senior lecture at University College London. 

Dimming LEDs, presented by Sam Woodward of Lutron Ltd

Best practice: lighting for rail stations and platforms, presented by Lee McCarthy of Designplan Ltd.

Beyond WEEE: Designing for a Circular Economy, presented by Lux and Nigel Harvey of Recolight Ltd.

And if there’s one of these that immediately takes your fancy, just click on the title and you’ll be taken straight to the registration page, because the great thing about the webinars is that they stay live for a year after broadcast. Anyone can go back and watch presentations that they missed, or re-visit a webinar to pick up on some of the important information on offer.

In the weeks to come we’ll be discussing topics as varied as human-centric lighting, fire-rated downlights, best practice for lighting in schools and prison (though not at the same time), and the best way to approach LED retrofitting in the hospitality sector.

I love talking about light and I love to hear other people talking about light, so this brings a lovely warm glow to the middle of my week. I hope that you’re able to join us as our journey continues. I suggest that you get registered, then sit down with a cup of your favourite brew and a good bun and simply enjoy the hour.