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Webinar: Can you REALLY measure human-centric lighting?

Learning environments like Nottingham Trent University could become major beneficiares of human-centric lighting.

A lot of people are saying a lot of things about ‘lighting for health’ and ‘human-centric lighting’ but when things get so noisy, it’s important that we keep close to the actual science. Lux has invited Prof. Christian Cajochen of the University of Basel in Switzerland, to explain what’s behind the latest marketing blitz to hit the lighting industry.

Prof. Cajochen has been working on the influence of light on human cognition; circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, circadian regulation of sleep and related disturbances in psychiatric disorders, and age-related changes in the circadian regulation of sleep and neuro-behavioural disorders. He has authored many papers on the subject and also presented a paper in 2013 to suggest that the full moon really does have an effect on our sleep patterns; which is what we always thought, and now we know.

This webinar promises to be a truly enlightening (!) session, from which we can appreciate better how light can be used to improve people’s life patterns – which is something that we all need to know.


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