Lux Webinar Series: Fire-rated downlights

Lux Review is hosting a webinar on the subject of Fire-rated downlights on Wednesday 25th May at 1pm BST.

We’ve come a long way from the first generation of small downlights, all fitted with 50W tungsten halogen reflector lamps. Those small electric fires mounted into ceiling voids always needed careful handling, with lots of space around them to keep the lamp within thermal limits. And, at the same time, trying to maintain something of the ceiling’s thermal insulation integrity while combating any chimney effect created in the event of a fire breaking out in the room below. Juggling monkeys, indeed.

One of the major benefits of the LED revolution has been the practical replacement of very hot light sources (200°C plus) with a cool source capable of providing the same light performance (well, nearly). And whereas the tungsten halogen lamp needed lots of air around it, the LED module needs a chunk of aluminium around it, and that’s a great help in resolving the other issues that pop up when a hole-cutter gets taken to a ceiling. Job done, then.

But it’s not quite that simple. Although the UK Electrical Safety Council recommends a fire-rated downlight in all circumstances, there are still lots of manufacturers making product with no protection at all, leaving it to the specifier to decide how a fire barrier should be implemented.

There is also more than one grade of fire protection. Because the grade of protection is based on the requirements of the building fabric, the downlight needs to match the performance of the ceiling to which it’s to be installed. 

To guide us through this warren of legislation, performance standards and manufacturers’ interpretations we have Alan Tulla, Lux Review’s Technical Editor. He has recently authored a review of fire-rated downlights and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with our audience.


  • This special webinar is sponsored by Aurora Lighting Ltd and takes place on Wednesday 25 May at 1pm (BST). It is free to everyone associated with lighting specification and installation.  
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