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Opple teams up with Huawei to drive smart home tech

Opple customers and staff take a selfie at the company's stand at the Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt in March this year. The deal will see Huawei help migrate lighting control onto smart phones in the domestic sector in China

China’s top lighting brand Opple has teamed up with telecoms giant Huawei to help drive adoption of smart lighting technology in the domestic sector.

The two companies signed a high-level deal establishing cooperation at a strategic level. Opple director Wang Yaohai, Opple president Ma Xiuhui  and Huawei’s Consumer Business Unit CSO Shao Yang inaugurated the partnership at a ceremony in China. 

In a statement, Opple said: ‘The primary focus of this relationship is to leverage Opple’s legacy and longstanding dominance in the consumer lighting sphere and Huawei’s leading competence in connectivity to establish a standard protocol.’

 As a starting point, Opple will release a range of smart lighting products integrated with Huawei’s Hilink protocol. Opple’s extensive sales network in China will help drive uptake while Huawei’s dominant position in mobile has the potential to further spearhead the effort due to the global adoption of its Hilink protocol.

The statement continued: ‘This partnership has the potential to be a cornerstone in bringing smart home into the mainstream and thus also improving the lives of over a billion people in the Chinese market alone.’

Wang Yaohai told Lux Review: ‘The omnipresence of light means it should never be an afterthought. This alliance between Opple and Huawei will serve as the foundation for how the Chinese people live and an elevation of their quality of life.’